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GROW Mentor Training & Certification

March 31, 2021

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Learn basics of how to be a successful mentor, what it means, mindset, how to evaluate others, principles, phases of mentoring and much more

About this Event

We want to create an excellent experience for the youth that end up entering our youth program. This course will include the 2.5 hour training, book, and 2 year membership to National Tutor Association (which is required for certification). We feel that this will not only give GROW members that become mentors additional knowledge and experience, but help create the best learning experience and growth for those in the youth program, and help us show how serious we are to see them excel.

This certification will be required to be a GROW Youth Mentor


Normal cost for everything is usually around $160, so there is significant savings.

Only profit to GROW will be if we get more than 10 to RSVP, which would be $3 per mentor

There are 2 options for a mentor

1. Teach the 7-8 hour course utilizing materials from Junior Achievement

2. Be a direct mentor for 6 months+ for one individual youth member – 2 to 4 meetings per month – Help with ideas, growth, completion of items, and developing and implementing business plan

*This certification is good for other mentoring outside of GROW Buffalo Business

Training ensures that mentors all have the same starting point in expectations and how to foster an appropriate mentoring relationship. It provides them with mentoring strategies for dealing with problems that may arise over the course of their relationship.

Training led by: Anne Showers of Accessible Academics